Grace Murphy

Redemption: Chapter 2

A slender arm that came out of nowhere gripped my wrist and jerked me into the void.  Before my eyes froze over, a bright light flashed and then blurred into gray darkness. I could hear a faint echo of Heph screaming my name before silence descended.

There was no sound, no light, and it was unbearably cold. My body went into shock as I held my breath. I could hold my breath for a few seconds. Maybe a minute.

Someone would find me and pull me out. I just had to stay calm. I began to count.


What the fuck is happening?

My eardrums burst and the blood froze in my ear canals blocking any sound.


Someone had Rifted me into fucking space?

The liquid in my body froze, and my attempts to regulate my body temperature failed. I couldn’t open a Rift. I couldn’t even access the ability to teleport. I floated.


Okay, who was pissed off at me enough to fling me into a void of space and leave me to die? Heh. The better question was, who wasn’t. I hadn’t been making loads of friends lately.

“Oh, do pick me.”

I ignored his voice. He wasn’t real. I’d buried Hypnos so deep that he’d never wake up.

You’re not real.

“You know better.”

My lungs ached. I desperately needed a breath. A chunk of my hair broke off and sliced across my cheek. My lips were sealed shut, frozen together so I couldn’t scream or inhale.


When was the last time I told my kid I loved him? Where was he right now? Did he know that he was my reason for living? Had I given him enough life lessons to get safely into adulthood? Would he be a better parent than me? Would he forgive me for not being a perfect mother? For giving in to my anger, fears, and weaknesses? Would he grow up to be a good man?

My heart stopped beating, and internal organs froze as I prayed to whoever was listening for the safety of my son.

“Whatever higher being that’s listening, please let my son know that I love him in this life and all the next ones. Keep him safe. Keep him happy.”

The absence of pain started in my feet and slowly traveled up my ankles. The same happened at my fingertips and wrists.  I shouldn’t have been happy about this. It meant extreme frostbite. My limbs were dying. But any form of relief was a blessing. Everything hurt. Every nerve ending felt like I’d been dipped in acid.


My body was mercilessly jerked through a rift. My hands and feet shattered upon impact. A warm blanket was thrown over the rest of me, and I screamed.

And screamed.

And screamed…

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