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The Grace Murphy Series

Book 1: Huntress

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“Fate is an ugly bitch who will screw with your life every single chance she gets.” Grace Murphy, a newly single mother finds this out as she’s trying to figure out how to lead a perfectly normal life. The big question becomes, what do you do when you find out that your mother is Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt and she expects you to take up the family business? You can try hiding, but escaping when you have an ex-husband to deal with, a kid to raise and an unknown being who’s trying to kill you is tricky at best. Now the woman who couldn’t put a bookshelf together without getting sweaty and perplexed must learn how to roar…without getting herself and everyone she loves killed. Saving the world? Not a problem. Getting home in time for chocolate chip pancakes might be a whole other matter, though…

Book 2: Rifts

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“Remember when life used to be nice and easy? No? Yeah, me either.” Grace Murphy, a single mom and newly made demi-goddess is slowly learning what it means to be a Hunter. What she finds is that no matter how big they get, kids are still rambunctious, men are still kids and there is something much more terrifying in this world than the boogeyman. She’s going to have to face it and she may very well not be ready for it.

Rifts, the sequel to Huntress, isn’t just about Grace learning how to navigate her new powers, it’s about navigating the Rifts caused in daily life. Magic is easy. Relationships are the hard part.

Book 3: Volcanoes

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Be careful what you ask of Fate – sometimes she gives it to you. When we last saw our heroine, she’d watched her faithful pet rip off her new best friend’s head to save her son’s life and Atlantis was rising from the depths. Now, Grace Murphy is back in the third installment of the Huntress series, but this time she’s facing an all-out war. It’s critical that Nyx (and Atlantis) stay buried, but her psychotic brats will do most anything to get her back. With Hypnos invading her dreams, Dylan caught up in the throes of his “change” and juggling her relationships with Drew and Heph, to say Grace’s hands are full would be an understatement. You didn’t think that was all, did you? Of course there’s more! Grace wished her life would just go back to the way it was before, and that she wouldn’t have her powers or responsibilities anymore. Unfortunately, it looks like Fate answered this time. The results aren’t pretty.

Book 4: Catalyst (A Novella)

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“I believe now, that if the Fates want to teach you a lesson, they make you a parent. Nothing is as adventurous or nerve-wracking as dealing with a mini version of yourself for eighteen years.” – Grace Murphy

Trying to reconnect with her teenaged son, Grace takes Dylan on a birthday trip to MagicHappyFuntimeLand. She thinks they’re going to bond over churros and rides. Instead, she gets a vacation filled with an epic monster, an epic fight and an epic rejection. She comes to realize that she’s not nearly ready for what’s to come in either parenting or in saving the world.

Book 5: Illusions

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Trying to go against Fate is like rolling a snowball up a hill. Eventually, that sucker is going to bury you in an avalanche. Since that trainwreck of a Californian vacation, I’ve been hiding out, keeping my head down, and avoiding anyone I possibly can. Have I been called a shut-in? Yes. Am I wallowing in self-pity? Maybe. Okay, yes. Yes to that too. I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for that pesky mother. With a few failed interventions under her belt, Diana pulled the ultimate trump card. She asked me to go on a mission while I was in the middle of chapter edits. Of course, I agreed just to get her out of my office. So, she sent me and Drew off-world to investigate the disappearance of a missing Hunter.

Everything went to hell right out of the Rift. (I wish I weren’t getting used to that.) Now, nothing is what it seems and we have no idea who to trust. “Go on this mission,” Diana said. “It will be easy,” she said.

Turns out, it’s been anything but. So you know, it’s a Tuesday.