Growing up in a small town called Craig, Colorado, and later, Denver, Nicole Hamlett frequently escaped her often tough childhood into the stories and worlds of her favorite books. She became a voracious reader and by middle school, she began writing her own material.

“I used to give my middle school friends terrible poems. I mean really horrid. They were full of tragedy and demise because I decided if I couldn’t be tragic, I shouldn’t be writing at all. After puberty, I lightened up and stopped with the angst,” she laughs.

About ten years ago, Hamlett buckled down and started writing a book. After about fifty iterations, she scrapped the story because she didn’t think it was any good. In 2010, a friend heard about her aspirations and asked if she could read the story. The friend liked what she read and slowly she coaxed more and more story out of Hamlett. On May 24th, 2011, Huntress – A Grace Murphy Novel was published. Since then, the series has seen four more installments: Rifts, Volcanoes, Catalyst, and Illusions.

These days, Nicole lives in the Pacific Northwest, she’s writing the final novel in the Grace Murphy series.